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Kumu annual pass


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The Kumu annual pass unites people who are interested in Kumu exhibitions and the events taking place at Kumu. The individualized annual pass in the form of a plastic card provides the owner with the free and unrestricted right to visit the exhibitions at the Kumu Art Museum for one year. Then the annual pass can be renewed for another year.

The Kumu annual pass provides:

  • unlimited visits to Kumu exhibitions for one year
  • free access to diverse public programs for which general admission is charged
  • 10% discount on publications published by the Art Museum of Estonia at the Kumu Museum Shop (the discount does not apply to purchases made in the museum’s online store or shops in the other branches of the Art Museum of Estonia)
  • invitations to exhibition openings (only if you have provided your e-mail address)
  • and a number of special offers

The renewal of the Kumu annual pass is  40.

The Kumu annual pass is a personal touch-sensitive plastic card. The use of the Kumu annual pass is registered each time at the Kumu cashier and it is valid with a personal ID document. The Kumu annual pass provides the card-holder with unlimited access to all Kumu exhibitions for one year, after which time the card can be “reloaded”. 

The ticket is valid for one year from the date of the first validation (the first visit), and can be "reloaded" thereafter.